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冬甩店J.CO Donut & Coffee限時快閃最後一日 買雪糕免費送冬甩

印尼人氣冬甩店J.CO Donut & Coffee推出限時快閃優惠,今日在灣仔分店買雪糕,即免費送冬甩一隻,好抵食呀!各位粉絲們不要錯過啦!

Terms & Conditions: 1. This promotion is only valid for J.CO Donuts & Coffee Wanchai store in Hong Kong. 此優惠只適用於香港灣仔分店

2. This promotion is only valid from 2-5 Feb 2023. 此優惠只適用於2023年2月2日至2月5日

3. This promo is only valid for J.CO J.Cool product. 此優惠只適用於J.CO雪糕產品

4. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers. 此優惠不可與其他優惠同時使用

5. The management reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice; The management reserves the final right in case of dispute. 本公司有權修改條款而不作另行通知;如有任何爭議,本公司保留最終決定權

6. This promotion is subject to other Terms & Conditions, please inquire with our staff for more details. 有關其他優惠條款,請向店員查詢


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